15 ways to hide money, female internet users ecstatic

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Newspaper strip showing different places to hide a secret stash of money.

A newspaper strip showing the 15 best places to hide a secret stash of money has become viral in Chinese internet circles, making this a hotly talked about topic through Chinese social media and internet forums. Some of these 15 places include:

  1. CD-drive of your computer
  2. Behind the battery of your cell phone
  3. Bottom of closet
  4. Inside a light bulb socket
  5. Inside a packet of cigarettes
  6. Inside folded clothing
  7. The hollow empty section on the handle of a fly swatter
  8. Behind the drawer of an accessories closet
  9. Inside the scarf of a stuffed animal

When many male internet users saw the newspaper strip, they vowed to go back home and hide their money as if it was treasure.  Many felt impelled to tell their wives, but many commented, “Do you really want everyone to know?”  Many female internet users were ecstatic to discover this newspaper strip, and said they would “go home and search” to see if their husbands were hiding money in any of the mentioned places.

Some other internet users decided to contribute some of their own creative money hiding ideas.  One method was to open a bank account using your wife’s name and deposit your money in that account.  This internet rationalized this idea by saying, “If your wife were to find out about that stash of money, she most likely wouldn’t care or have much of a reaction towards the money.”

Another method was to directly give your wife cash saying your friend needs someone who can safely hide their money.  When you need to use the money, go to your wife with bold confidence saying your friend needs to use the money.

Lastly, one person suggested, during winter when your wife doesn’t wear her summer clothes, you can stash away some money in her clothes.  In case she finds out about this stash of money, a disaster can be prevented by writing on a piece of paper, “(name of wife) this is a surprise, use this money to buy the clothes you want!”

If your wife finds out, she would think you’re very romantic.

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