6 seat delivery van used as “school bus” for 28 kids

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kids in school bus

Kids inside the “school bus” with a curious gaze.

On September 3, in the city of Xinyang in Henan province, traffic police stopped and searched a vehicle going through the intersection of 312 National Highway and 107 National Highway.  When he opened the back door, he was surprised to see a large number of kids loaded inside the vehicle.  This vehicle, which was dubbed a “school bus” was a 6 seat delivery van that had 28 3, 4 year old kids.

kids sitting on bus

Kids crowded into the back row of the vehicle.

The police officer remembers seeing many of the kids’ faces plastered to the vehicle windows and noticed some of the kids were not even as tall as the windows.  There were many seats in the back, many of them were flimsy and could easily collapse.  There were so many kids crowded into the vehicle “water couldn’t even pass through”.  The one safe measure that was in place was letting the older kids accompany the younger kids.

Kids getting escorted off bus

Police officer escorting kids off the “school bus”.

The police confirmed the vehicle is suitable for carrying 6 people, but 30 people exceeds the maximum allowable limit by 5 times and deemed a safety hazard.  The vehicle was a private vehicle belonging to the boss of Taurus Mountain Kindergarten in Shihe County (浉河区金牛山幼儿园).The vehicle was used to send the kids to school and bring them back home.

The “school bus” incident is currently under further investigation.


Seats in the back row of the “school bus”

Here is a video showing the “school bus” the kids were in:

Reference: kids.163.com



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