Angry parents protest outside school

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Policemen controlling angry protesters

Policemen trying to control the chaotic scene.

On the afternoon of September 1, in Luliang city in Shanxi province, a protest erupted outside The First Elementary School of Lishi District.  Hordes of parents accompanied by their children, blocked off the intersection section and caused a traffic jam. The parents were parents of students that were just about to enter grade 6 and many stood on the street openly voicing their dissatisfaction towards the school.  A reporter heard many students yelling things to the school to let them in, but noted most students were loudly yelling, “We want to go to school, we’re not going to the other school!”

protesters out of control

Policemen and security guards are trying to establish order to the riotous crowd.

calming influence on protest

Policemen and security guards are maintaining order at the scene.

Protesters continued to voice their displeasure

Policemen and security guards arrived at the scene to control the furious parents, and also had to control the flow of people and traffic around the area as the situation escalated.  According to the parents at the scene, many of them were in outrage when they found out a few days ago their children were required to move schools for grade 6.  They were angry the representative from the school had not notified them about the change in advance.  Since many parents did not agree with the change, this resulted in the protest outside the school. At the present moment, there has been no representative from the school who has offered a solution to the parents.

vehicles at protest

Several people on vehicles are seen gathered around the mob of protesters.

protesters gathering from afar

The scene of the protest seen from afar.

informative text message

The text message sent out to parents of grade 6 students.

Translation of the text message:

Notice: Parents and students of class 5.3, please note on the morning of September 1 at 8:00am all students will meet at the activities field at The Third Primary School of Lishi District on Changzhi Road.  The students will finish class at 12 and parents can pick up their children at The Third Primary School of Lishi District on Changzhi Road.

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