Hot Russian bodybuilder goes viral

Posted on Aug 29 2013 - 6:52pm by admin

Photographs of a 17 year old female Russian bodybuilder have surfaced on various Chinese internet publications during the last few days, resulting in the young girl going from unknown to viral in China.  According to reports her name is Julia Vins, who is described as having the face of an angel but the body of a physically imposing male.  Furthermore, her muscular physique is enough to make men feel inferior, and her body can even be compared to those of god-like characters seen in Japanese anime cartoons.

The explosion of popularity of the young girl in Chinese media circles is most likely due to the esteem in which Chinese society views Western beauty.  Not only does she look noticeably different compared to many people in China, but it is also quite rare to see a young girl with such a pretty face combined with an abnormally muscular body.

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