The most beautiful and popular university girls in China

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Several girls from China and Taiwan have caught many Chinese netizen’s attention for their beauty and popularity.  According to a Taiwanese report, the most beautiful university girls have emerged all over China and Taiwan to face off in a competition to see who the most beautiful university girl in the nation is.  Each school has selected the most beautiful girl from their school, and the most popular girls are 3 girls from Beijing and 2 from Taiwan.  The participants were not solely chosen based on their external beauty, other factors such as personality traits, adherence to traditional values, cuteness and sexiness were all taken into account.


Ma Sichun (马思纯) on a bridge.

Communication University of China’s Ma Sichun (马思纯) is the niece of the famous actress Jiang Wenli (蒋雯丽).  She has appeared in the TV show “The Grand Mansion Gate” (大宅门) as a guest performer, and has previously appeared in the 2008 movie “The Lover” (恋人) as the leading female actress.


Bao Fei (鲍菲) photo

Beijing Union University’s Bao Fei (鲍菲) is a Beijinger who has been praised for her straightforward and candid personality, giving many people a “feeling of sunshine”.  She was the first person to be the winner of “The Mainland China University Beauty Pageant”, a fashion model and can be frequently seen as an actor in commercials and operas.

li-xincong-李欣聪 sitting

Li Xincong (李欣聪) sitting in a dress.

Beijing Dance Academy’s Li Xincong is an opera music major who possesses a “fresh and pure face”, “a distinctive body” and “a quiet, introverted personality”.  She has previously been part of the Olympic dance team who performed at the closing ceremony in Beijing and says her ideal job is an actor or teacher.


Yuan Aifei (袁艾菲) showing the “peace” sign.

Taiwan Nanhua University’s Yuan Aifei (袁艾菲) has exploded in popularity because of the show “University” (大学生了没).  She is currently a performing actor under the Jinxing Entertainment Company and is known for her energetic, positive, upbeat hosting and her opera performances.  She is regarded as having the personality of the modern age Taiwanese male and female nerd.


Chen Kuangyi (陈匡怡) photo

National Taiwan University’s Chen Kuangyi (陈匡怡) is a beautiful girl who is regarded as having a similar personality to famous Taiwanese model Lin Chiling (林志玲).  Her intelligence and beautiful body have attracted the attention of many advertisers who have asked her to appear in their commercials.

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