Dennis Rodman arrives in Beijing, plans to meet North Korean leader

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Dennis Rodman made a stopover in Beijing and has already arrived in Pyongyang to visit his friend, North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.  Upon arrival at the Beijing International Airport, many reporters swarmed him asking questions about his visit to North Korea.

This is Rodman’s second visit to North Korea.  His first visit to North Korea drew a lot of controversy because many questioned his intentions for visiting the country.  Rodman originally informed the media his first visit to Pyongyang was to organize a basketball game, but spent time with Kim Jong-un watching basketball games and attending dinners.

Many reports had suggested Rodman was arranging plans to set free jailed Korean-American Kenneth Bae during his second visit.  Amidst these reports, Rodman has yet to comment on this issue.

On December 2012, North Korea officially reported they had detained Korean-American Kenneth Bae on suspicions of carrying out activities to oppose the North Korean regime.  He had entered the country on a tourist visa but was arrested shortly afterwards.

Some current reports suggest Kenneth Bae had fallen ill and was unable to stand and walk.  When he was interviewed by the media, he earnestly pleaded the American government to mediate their conflict with North Korea, and lobbied North Korea to pardon him from being punished.





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