Man sues ex-girlfriend for forcing him to have sex with her 6 times a day

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A recent story about a foreigner living in Malaysia has gone viral on Chinese internet websites.  Ervin Ahbabovic, a 41 year old man from Bosnia is suing his former girlfriend for requiring him to have sex with her 6 times a day and tricking him to impregnate her with his sperm.  Mr. Ahbabovic is a long time resident of Malaysia, who has been living in the country for approximately 18 years.

On August 30, he went to Kuala Lumpur to officially file a lawsuit against his former girlfriend.  He claims he fell in love with his former 29 year old girlfriend and had a son with her after living together for 2 years.

He originally thought they were going to get married, but it never happened.  According to a statement in the lawsuit, their relationship deteriorated after their child was born and his former girlfriend was constantly complaining about Mr. Ahbabovic’s faults.

Mr. Ahbabovic thought her sexual desire and desire for manipulation was unusual.  She required him to have sex with her 6 times a day, each time lasting an hour.  He initially thought she made these requirements because she truly loved him, but afterwards started to notice her jealousy towards him.  He pointed out his ex-girlfriend demanded sex everyday and forced him to have sex with her.  When he raised the possibility of leaving her, she threatened to commit suicide.


Mr. Ahbabovic with his ex-girlfriend.

Was regularly insulted and psychologically abused

Mr. Ahbabovic said his ex-girlfriend was previously very hostile towards him and abusive to the point where she even injured his left arm.  He told her about his displeasure but his ex-girlfriend rebuked his complaints by insulting him.

After Mr. Ahbabovic was kicked out of the house, his ex-girlfriend refused providing him access to his savings and to see his son.  He tried to reconcile with her but she told him, she was just using him for sex and only wanted him to get her pregnant.  She explained European genes were better than Malaysian genes.  Mr. Ahbabovic expressed he was deeply affected by her insults and harsh words.

Stipulations of the lawsuit

Mr. Ahbabovic is suing his ex-girlfriend for 600 000 Malaysian dollars ($180 000 USD) for using unethical means to impregnate her.  He laid out other requirements which included his son’s birth certificate must have his last name on it and 3 major newspapers must publish his story outlining his relationship with his son.

Mr. Ahbabovic’s lawyer said a story like this is ridiculous because in most situations the man is never responsible for a woman being pregnant.  He said he has never heard of a man being tricked or cheated like this before.


Mr. Ahbabovic with his legal papers.

Mr. Ahbabovic’s ex-girlfriend responds to his accusations

After a year of no contact between the two, upon hearing about the lawsuit filed against her, Mr. Ahbabovic’s ex-girlfriend fabricated a story.

Mr. Ahbabovic’s ex-girlfriend claimed the accusations were all non-sense.  She said, “This is definitely not right.  He has no evidence for making these accusations.  I am a person who respects others and would never say things like this to another person.  I will not further comment on this issue.”

She told The Star Online they haven’t had any contact in a year and after hearing about the accusations she was extremely surprised.


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