Monkeys shipped from China cause outrage

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Members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have been holding demonstrations and protests outside the China Southern Airlines headquarters in Los Angeles.  Statistics show over 18 000 monkeys were transported to scientific research laboratories in the USA on the Chinese airline, and it is estimated over 70% of primates sent to America have come from China.

man in monkey cage protesting

PETA protesters standing monkey in cage

The monkeys are confined to small, narrow cages, and are used for all types of lab experiments.  After scientists are finished conducting their experiments, the monkeys are killed.

From 2012, PETA started a project to prevent the transport of monkeys from China to America.  At that time, several Chinese airline companies temporarily stopped their operations to send monkeys to the USA.  These airlines included: China Southern Airlines, China Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and Hainan Airlines.

PETA protesters delivering message

These prohibitions put a significant amount of pressure on American universities and industrial research labs, placing scientists in a difficult situation.  Without test subjects for their experiments, their alternatives were limited and unpractical.  Breeding monkeys domestically or starting a monkey breeding farm had problems arising from the cost of facilities, equipment and labor.  Furthermore, these types of places would have sparked an even bigger controversy with PETA.

PETA protesters at street corner monkey cage

A PETA representative stated China Southern Airlines claimed they would temporarily cease their monkey transportation operations last year, but this year they started to secretly send monkeys to America.

Man monkey in cage

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