Woman’s breast enlargement surgery fails, contemplates suicide

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The young woman sits at the edge of the building with her legs hanging off.

On September 4, in Shanghai, a young woman climbed to the top of a cosmetic surgery hospital with intentions of committing suicide.  After much deliberation, she was convinced not to take her life away.  Initial reports stated the thought of committing suicide came after she had a failed breast enlargement procedure.

Agitated and emotionally unstable

Eyewitnesses said they saw a young woman wearing yellow clothes climb to the 6th floor of the hospital building.  They noted her legs were hanging off the building, she appeared emotionally unstable and she showed actions suggesting she may jump down.  The peculiarity of her behavior surprised many people in the surrounding area, and many repeatedly cried out in fear.

Woman lying down on top of a hospital

The young woman sobs in pain as she is on top of the hospital building.

Police, public security, firefighters and all related departments were called onto the scene and quickly placed an air cushion at the bottom of the hospital building.  A group of experts were also called in to persuade the young woman not to end her life.  After 25 minutes of consoling and convincing the woman, she eventually descended down the building with the help of some of the people at the scene.

woman sitting crying helpless

The young woman sits on the building with some support personnel beside her.

The manager of the building, Mr. Wang, said the lady was a 29 year old woman from Hubei.  She placed notices in the hospital complaining about her failed procedure, and started to cry, requesting the hospital compensate her for damages. The young woman gradually became more agitated after this, prompting her to rush up the fire escape route to reach the top of the building.  Mr. Wang added, “That part of the building is made of glass, it’s very slippery and extremely dangerous.”


The young woman is escorted down from the top of the building with the assistance of some relief workers.

Using legal action to solve the problem

Residents of the neighborhood said the young woman had been crying and complaining everyday for over a week, saying after she had surgery her health had deteriorated and her illness was threatening her life.  One person said, “One day she sat at the front door the whole night.”

Ms. Chen a representative of the cosmetic hospital said the young woman had her procedure done on February 2012, but about half a year later fell ill.  In order to receive proper medical treatment, the hospital on July 2012 wanted to obtain the woman’s approval to perform another surgical procedure to remove the foreign object out of her body.  The woman did not agree to this.  Instead, she demanded the hospital to refund the 29 000 RMB (approximately $4700 USD) fee she had paid for her surgery.  The young woman claimed her health had worsened to the point where she was seeking 1 300 000 RMB (approximately $212 400 USD) in damages.  Ms. Chen said the hospital could not accept her excessive demand, but were willing to follow legal procedures to solve the problem.

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